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 “I believe that young people thrive when they are valued, feel a sense of belonging, and value themselves.  Being involved in community programs create opportunities for daily physical activity and promotes healthy lifestyle choices.  Strengthening the emotional and physical health of children by giving them the skills to lead active and healthy lifestyles, using the fun and practical skill of riding a bike” 



  Our Coaches are NCCP certified, dedicated, cycling enthusiasts teaching  youth the skills they need to enjoy cycling for years to come.  

Event Info


 Weekly training and ride sessions take place April to July.  

Our Volunteers


 Volunteering is also a great way to get involved with cycling and contribute to your local community.  Our Volunteers are are members of your community working hard to bring the best program possible. We are looking for people to join our team of volunteers as a coach or a parent volunteer. 


No One Left Behind

No One Left Behind is an idea that nobody should be left out,  that every girl and boy can have the opportunity  to participate in sports in their community, by offering support to families in our community who face economic barriers. Subsidizing membership fees and other  related costs such as jersey's , equipment and camps, NOLB  provides access for all youth to develop life skills pertinent to their  future. 

 When we come together to make sure that no youth is left behind, all  youth are given access to a healthy lifestyle by participating sports, and a chance to build  a positive future for themselves and the world. 

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 You can  apply for NOLB subsidy  by  submitting a request online. Please include Parent and Youth Name, Cityphone number , which program ( iRide or Youth club ) and  a description of what costs you are applying to subsidize .

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