iRide  Sprockids is an initiative that connects the 8-week Sprockids  after-school skills curriculum with support from Cycling BC’s iRide  program to create more opportunities for local youth to develop their  bike skills in a safe and fun environment. Grants are available for new leaders (parents, teachers, community leaders aged 16+) who wish to bring iRide Sprockids to their community.

iRide Sprockids can be implemented in your community to fill existing programming gaps by either:

  • School Bike Club led by trained teachers – LINK
  • Community Park program led by local trained cycling enthusiasts – LINK
  • Recreation Center program led by Cycling BC iRide instructors – LINK

To a maximum of 6-10 participants per  leader, each iRide Sprockids program is 4-8 weeks long and includes  games and challenges from both the Sprockids and iRide curriculum.  Typical sessions include skill development, bicycle rides, and games  appropriate to participant age and ability, following the Cycling Canada  Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD). Program leaders choose the  format of their program; Cycling BC suggests 4-8 sessions, meeting 1-2  days a week, and is specific to either iRide Level 3, 4 or 5.

iRide Sprockids leaders are qualified by the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP)and Sprockids,  receive mentorship from the iRide Regional Coordinator and undergo a  background check. Cycling BC’s iRide program subscribes to the Coaches  Association of Canada’s Responsible Coaches Movement and works with High Five: Healthy Child Development and the Canucks Autism Network to help our instructors create an engaging and effective learning environment. Sessions are covered by Cycling BC’s insurance policy with Jones Brown.

To learn more about Sprockids and its founder, Doug Detwiller, please visit the Sprockids website.

Benefits of iRide Sprockids:

Parents & Kids-    Qualified coaches provide a low-cost and sport-focused after-school program

Leaders & Volunteers-    Receive discount training, equipment, and support with the potential to earn a competitive wage   

Teachers-    Receive training on fun new ways to teach academic lessons. BC gov’t $500 tax credit available. 

Clubs & Youth Racers-    Improve youth recruitment and provide leadership opportunities for U19 riders with free training   

Sprockids-    Help develop the long-term legacy of Sprockids through a sport body initiative   

Cycling BC iRide-    Connect iRide school participants to fun leaders and grow province-wide participation    



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