Aldergrove Home Hardware


 I want to thank our Home Hardware for sponsoring PEDAL Adventures by donating some of our electrical equipment. This donation helped us to provide better lighting so that we are able to offer more programing later in the season. 

Hoots Inc.


 A big shout out to Hoots Inc for all the work they have put into the Aldergrove Bike Park, making our park one of the best in the Fraser Valley.  

Cranky's bike shop


 Thank You to Cranky's for all of their support and guidance, they are a large part of us being able to bring a cycling club to Aldergrove.  

Cycling BC


 A huge Thank you to Cycling BC.  Their commitment to helping communities startup sustainable cycling clubs and programs like iRide/Sprockids and Youth Road/Mountain Bike Clubs is the backbone of Cycling in BC.